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Top Tips for Winter

As we've experienced quite a lot of cold and wet weather of late, maintaining a playground space to ensure it's safe for use can be tricky. Here are our 3 top tips for making sure your playground space is in tip top condition for the winter months.


 Parks Inspections


1. Playground inspections - the winter is the perfect time to organise your annual or operational inspections and ensure that any remedial work and repairs are completed before the spring and summer. Or perhaps it's a great time to give your equipment a refresh to provide some new play opportunities for the spring without having to replace your existing equipment? Take a look at our inspection packages here, or contact us here if you'd like us to come and visit your site.


2. Ice - ensuring you have some salt available to spread on pathways and main access routes can avoid accidents on slippery surfaces. However, remember that grit, salt and chemical deicers are not advised on playground surfacing and we would always recommend using a specialist non-abrasive de-icer. Please contact our team on 01225 792660 for further advice for your surfacing type. In addition, our fellow TCL Group company, Ice Watch can offer a variety of winter maintenance solutions, from gritting to snow clearance and much more. Again, please contact us for more details if this is of interest.


 Ice clearance


3. Snow clearance - remember to remove any build up of snow on canopies and overhanging branches to ensure structures remain structurally stable and safe, as well as from pathways and access routes to equipment to ensure the area can be accessed and used safely by all.