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“Inspiring New Active Play” at this primary school

19 November 2018


Here’s another example of our consultants thinking creatively about ways to put active challenges into a play space. It’s not only about running, jumping and climbing. What about developing upper body strength, hand-eye coordination and teamwork? And what about integrating the active trail into a scheme to create zones and a playground that will stimulate both learning and fun across the ages? Here’s an example of this in action!

Having talked about your outdoor area, we agreed you wanted to get the children moving and engaging with physical activity. So, to help your children to be more active I have included the following:

Added to the EYFS Humpback Hill you liked, I have placed a EYFS Clamber Mountain in an area of synthetic grass. Both of these items will challenge children, helping them develop their lower and upper body strength as well as their coordination. Surrounding these items and Play Lawn, is a brand-new Roadway which is brilliant for teaching the green cross code!

In the other areas of Play Lawn, the Spinning Discs challenge children’s balance and core strength. This equipment is very popular with all children giving them a slightly dizzy feeling but has something soft for them to fall onto if they do get too dizzy.

The Spring Discs develop leg and core strength as children try to stand up on them or jump as high as they can!

In your early years area, I have added some more Play Lawn to make it accessible in all weathers The Tipi to help inspire your youngest’s imaginations.

I have included two Octopus Ball Chutes for the children who love ball games. A fantastic way to help develop hand-eye coordination and control over a round object.

The High Jump Challenge will allow children to discover if they could be an Olympic high jumper. They can create their own leader board on the nearby blackboard to see if they can be the highest jumper in the entire school!

Finally, some more new playground markings in the form of a thermoplastic active trail. The Wall-mounted Stop Clock will have children jumping, hopping, balancing along a wavy line, skipping and before sprinting back to stop the clock. Can they beat their last time or challenge their friends record time?

You can find out more about our active trails and modular sections here, or talk to one of our consultants today.

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