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Wooden Chutes (Set of 8)

This set of 8 wooden chutes are a great addition to any natural channelling solution, and are used in our Materials Movement Kit and Ball Fall & Water Channelling Set. Each set of chutes includes 4 shorter, 0.8m length chutes, and 4 longer 1.2m length chutes. Please note that timber is a natural material (this is one of the few occasions when our timber has not been treated, to provide a value option) and should be stored under cover with good ventilation to allow time to dry. If left damp for long periods of time, they may become mouldy.
  • Natural wooden chutes
  • Set consists of 8 chutes in 2 different lengths
  • Please note - chutes should be stored in a well ventilated area to enable them to dry fully after use with water
False Power tools required False Hand tools required 00 person assembly
Curriculum Links and Play Value
Technical Information

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