outstanding outdoor spaces

Triple Woodland Tower (0.9m, 1.2m & 1.5m)

This set of towers creates a whole new world for exploration and role play.
Featuring: 1x Ships Wheel, 3x Apex Roof, 1x 1.2m Sloping Rope Climb, 1x 0.9m Net Climb, 1x 1.5m Net Climb, 1x 0.9m Ladder, 1x 1.2m Vertical Rock Climb, 1x 1.5m Log Ladder , 1x 1.5m Fireman's Pole, 1x Sloped Wobble walkway Bridge, 1x Under Tower Den, 1x Level Monkey Walk Bridge, 1x 1.5m Slide.
False Power tools required False Hand tools required
Curriculum Links and Play Value
Technical Information

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