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Natural Sensory Classroom - 1 X Large Planters

The Natural Sensory Classroom allows children to own a space that is child sized and can be modified with loose parts to make it their own. There is space for 15 children to sit on the benches, or a whole class to congregate for outdoor learning. A sandpit base (with cover) gives opportunities for imaginative and exploratory play, although this element of the product can be removed if desired. Loose parts include a moveable shade roof to provide protection from the sun, hammock and musical chime and xylophone panels. Planting beds soften the structure and the size and shape of the planting beds means that children can touch the flowers, bend to smell them and sit by them. A list of suitable sensory plants are provided with vouchers to purchase your chosen plants, making this an idea project for school councils, parents associations or gardening clubs. The Natural Sensory Classroom is available with two small planters, one medium or one large planter.

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