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Natural Channelling Set - Large

Another Playforce exclusive, combining the benefits of scalloped cork blocks and timber chutes to create an open-ended natural channelling solution. A real hit with all of our partner settings, the children have enjoyed constructing their own water and ball runs. Even the youngest children can get stuck in as the cork blocks are soft to the touch and more forgiving than timber or plastic as children get to grips with moving them around. This large set is perfect for larger nursery settings or school playgrounds and includes various cork blocks, timber chutes, a cork (yes cork!) basin and wooden planks. A smaller set and top up sets are also available.
  • Exclusive Playforce design
  • Natural cork and timber materials
  • Closed cell cork material won't soak up water so is suitable for outdoor use
  • Includes 2 planks, 1 basin, 5 timber chutes and 32 different shaped cork blocks
False Power tools required False Hand tools required 00 person assembly
Curriculum Links and Play Value
Technical Information

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