Flexi-Sport Zones


We don’t have to tell you that every child is different… or that every outdoor space is too! We’ve been working with primary schools and nursery settings for more than 20 years and we know that one size quite simply doesn’t fit all. That’s why we can’t understand why you should settle for an ‘off the shelf’, standard playground. 


Our new Flexi-Sport Zone scheme is the perfect solution to this challenge. And it’s perfect if you’re wondering how to spend your second wave of PE & Sport Premium funding!

Flexi-Sport Zone is a flexible system that allows you to build a sports space tailored to your children and their needs. Individual panels can be chosen and fitted together in whatever formation you like, to create a space that works for all size plots of land. 




Panels are double sided and different colours, as well as featuring different images and activities. These include specific ‘exercise station’ activities (such as challenges to touch your toes, run on the spot, hop on one leg or balance on one leg, as well as to do star jumps, squats and calf lifts), goals for football, holes for golf, cricket stumps and athletics markers). You can even include panels with crowd pictures, to cheer your young athletes on!

Best of all, because it’s modular and flexible you can build the panels up over time - making them the perfect thing to use your PE & Sport premium on. 

For more information and costs for your school or setting, please contact us today on 01225 792660 or click here