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EYFS Scrambler Set - Small

These sets have been specifically designed for young children to assist them in their physical development. Difficulty can be increased by moving the pieces around, adding and taking away pieces and even changing the height using the blocks. Children really love this product as they are able to challenge themselves by creating and changing their own routes. Children as young as 2 who are learning to find their feet can be assisted, but after developing confidence in their balance skills they will still love the challenge that the scrambler set provides. The EYFS Scrambler Sets have been made from a specially tanalised treated timber that allows them to be left outside. These sets are also a great alternative to larger/permanently installed physical development products. This smaller set is perfect for small settings, or those with limited space. The EYFS Scrambler Set - Large is also available.
  • Exclusive Playforce design
  • Can be kept outside


Set contains:

  • 3 single support blocks
  • 3 double support blocks
  • 1 balance beam
  • 1 traverse plank
  • 1 rumble traverse planks
False Power tools required False Hand tools required 00 person assembly
Curriculum Links and Play Value
Technical Information

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