Who said Science was boring? Let’s celebrate the Big Science Event!

02 July 2015

Who said Science was boring? The candidates in the 2015 Big Science Event have certainly entertained us…

Marking the 6th anniversary of the Big Science Event, the children of Oxfordshire, West Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Wirral and West Cheshire showed off yet again, the number of young talented scientists! Without exception, the judges were impressed by all the experiments and presentations.

We are very pleased to announce the following winners and runners up of all 3 events:
For Oxfordshire our winners were Witney CP School and the runners up were Rose Hill Primary School and Chandlings.
Our Buckinghamshire winners were Farnham Common Junior School with the runners up being Lent Rise Combined School and Tylers Green Middle School.
Winners for the Wirral and West Cheshire event were St Andrews CE Primary School.

Well done to all three winning schools, your experiments were outstanding and your presentations were both enjoyable and very professional. Your prizes are heading your way!

The nerve wracking thought of a final didn’t seem to faze any of our budding scientists, and what’s more, they relished the opportunity to present their findings in some of the most inspirational settings. With the Oxfordshire event set in the awe inspiring Oxford Museum of Natural History, Buckinghamshire’s final held at the modern Gateway Conference Centre, and Wirral and West Cheshire final at Discovery CLC, the locations were an experience in themselves.

Playforce has proudly sponsored the Big Science Event for the last 5 years, presenting the winners of each event with Playforce equipment as their prize. This year the young scientists were competing for brand new science themed playground equipment worth over £1,000.

We want to congratulate all the schools who took part in this year’s BSE event, we look forward to seeing more exciting experiments next year!

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