Using shelters for outdoor learning

25 February 2016


Children have always loved making dens and hiding away in shelters. It gives them a sense of their own space and a chance to build on their imagination. Whether it’s playing house or shops or something else entirely, shelters are the perfect hub for role play games. The outdoor learning opportunities with shelters are almost endless. Some examples of outdoor learning while using shelters includes:


  • human geography (i.e. what sort of buildings did people live in throughout history).
  • maths (angles, geometrics, tessellation and symmetry)
  • creativity (role play games and performing plays)
  • drawing skills
  • practical skills


Ideas for using shelters as a learning resource

  • Take a look at housing through history and ask the children how the way humans shelter has changed, what materials were used and why. This is bound to generate a very interesting discussion focusing on history and basic science.
  • Ask the class about the different shapes used to build shelters and ask them why. For example, why are wigwams shaped as pyramids and sheds shaped as rectangles?
  • Get the children to draw their own dream shelter and get them to consider the materials to use for it.
  • Go outside and use pieces of nature, such as twigs and leaves, to create a shelter collage.
  • Determine which shapes and angles are used to create each building and encourage.


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