Poddely - a unique way to encourage imaginative play

24 March 2016


At Playforce we’re always thinking of new and creatives ideas for making outdoor play fun, imaginative and educational! We’ve worked with lots of great minds across the country over the years and are pretty proud of the playground equipment we’ve created. One of our favourites has to be Poddely - an award-winning completely unique way to play.


Poddely? What’s that?

Poddely is whatever the children want it to be. Our Poddely Sets are packed with a variety of cubes, prisms, interlocking tiles, chutes, light filters and other accessories to encourage creative free flow play and learning across the curriculum. All of the items can be used together to create anything that the children can imagine. Sensory Sets can be added for a new experience with colour mixing or sorting activities, while Sand and Water Sets add a whole new dimension to play.


What makes Poddely so unique?

We’ve worked with early years’ practitioners, researchers, designers and, most importantly, children to create Poddely. What makes it so unique is that rather than giving children equipment to play with that has specific outcomes and objectives in mind, the only limit on this equipment is the children’s already over-active imaginations! All of the sets and components are compatible and interchangeable meaning everyone can experience a new way to play every time it is used.


What can I make with my Poddely Set?

We’ve often found that the children have the best ideas! We’ve seen children use Poddely to make dens, create the biggest castle, perform on a stage, train for the Olympics, paint a masterpiece or simply make a mess! Of course we understand that you sometimes need a little inspiration to start with and that’s why we created our Poddely YouTube Channel, filled with lots of ideas about what you can create with your Poddely Set.


Poddely is the perfect way to inspire and encourage your children’s imaginations. To find out how Poddely can become an essential part of your play routine, get in touch, or check out all of the sets available in the Playforce Shop.

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