New product news: are there animals in your playground?

16 November 2018


We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a new active trail range, designed to encourage activity and physical education in primary school children, through the wonders of the natural world. 

Using five of nature’s most interesting & special creatures as guides - cheetah, peregrine falcon, kangaroo, monkey and polar bear - we’ve created trails that will challenge and inspire your children. Each trail has been specially designed to mimic the animals’ actions, and to test children through a range of physical activities, as helping them to learn about the animals in question.

Ben Pearce, Product Designer at Playforce said, “We’re really excited about the opportunities these new trails offer. We recognise that some children are naturally sporty, but others are not. We see this new range of trails as a way to really enhance a child’s physical development without the pressure of team sports. 

“Because each item mimics the animal’s actions - be that climbing and pouncing, climbing and sniffing, swinging from trees, jumping up and down rocks or shuffling along a branch - and each trail features a sign at the start, footprint thermo markings, an illustration and some animal facts, we think this will be a really fantastic way for children to learn about the natural world, while also enjoying active play.”

Playforce’s Animal Trails, launched, are:

Cheetah Trail
The Prowl & Leap
Mound Crawl
Stalk and Hunt
Tree weave
Stepping Jumps Station
Jungle Stop Clock
Cheetah Trail Instruction Panel

Kangaroo Trail
Power Spring
Vertical Jump
Log Bounce
Mound Leaps
Rock Jumper
Kangaroo Trail Instruction Panel

Gibbon Trail
Treetop Lookout
Canopy Climber
Tree Swinger
Hanging Vines
Fruit Grab
Monkey Trail Instruction Panel

Peregrine Falcon Trail
Branch Shuffle
Hunters Reflex
Sky Glider
Woodland Weaver
Prey Dive
Peregrine Falcon Trail Instruction Panel

Polar Bear Trail
Ice drift leap
Fish Pull
Climb and Sniff
Seal Lift
Swim and Dive
Polar Bear Trail Instruction Panel


For more information about our new animal trail range, or our other active trails, please contact us today

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