Kick start the holiday season with English Tourism Week

24 March 2017

With Spring officially underway, we’re not the only ones looking forwards to the Easter and Summer Holidays. With the cost of holidaying abroad creeping higher, more and more Brits are ditching the travel in favour of playing a little closer to home.

Next week, Visit Britain are celebrating English Tourism Week, an annual celebration of, you guessed it, English tourism. The aim of the week is to highlight the value of tourism in England and how the visitor economy supports thousands of businesses across the country. 

The official website has put together some great ideas for celebrating English Tourism Week and organising events. It’s easy to submit your events online and the current ones listed are a good source of inspiration. Hosting an event as part of the campaign is a great way to build up some publicity for your setting and to kick start the season.


If more Brits are choosing to stay on home turf for the holidays, it’s important for tourist hot spots to live up to the demand. So how can you make sure your leisure setting is prepared for the holiday boom? Encouraging families to spend extended time (and money) at your setting is key to reaping the benefits of English tourism. Happy families start with happy children and a high quality play area is a huge step towards making them smile. An entertaining play environment keeps families for longer, provides a talking point for recommendations and if it makes parents happy, they are more likely to return in the future. 

Choosing play equipment that is flexible, adaptable and accessible ensures that children of all ages and abilities can use the space and no one is left out. It’s important to think about what sort of equipment is most likely to keep children entertained and to look out for equipment that families will talk about and remember. Try to create a play space that supports your brand, either with colours or features that make it a unique attraction to your establishment. 

Looking for a little inspiration? Find out how The Crown Inn improved the appeal of their outdoor space to visiting families with a new play area.

Read more about it here:

To find out how you can create a play space fit for families in your leisure setting, book a consultation with one of our local advisors today. 

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