Keeping your community active throughout the year

24 January 2017

Local parks and playgrounds are key to providing communities with a space to enjoy play and sports. The next challenge is to ensure that they are ready to support your community staying active throughout the year. We’ve put together some easy ways to make sure that everyone can benefit from your park’s play equipment in all four seasons. 



Bring the community together. 
Inspire your community to use your local park by organising events throughout the year. Fundraising events are a fantastic opportunity to raise money to develop your playground equipment and give the local children, and adults, a chance to have their say on the installation. Outdoor events, such as Teddy Bear Picnics or Sports Competitions, are perfect for reigniting a love of the local park and bringing people together to play.

Make it accessible. 
To ensure that everyone can enjoy your local park and playground, it’s essential to make sure that it’s accessible to all. This means landscaping it to create a flexible space that flows naturally and can be used by the whole community. It also means making the outdoor space accessible all year round by designing sheltered areas suitable for the British weather come rain or shine. 

Provide suitable equipment for all.
The best parks ensure that they have provided suitable play equipment for all ages and abilities. When designing a playground it’s very important to think about who will be using it. Choose a selection of play equipment that can challenge different levels of fitness and strength and design the space so that younger (or less confident) children can play without feeling pressured by others. 

Support your local wildlife.
If your park is lucky enough to be home to an abundance of wildlife, make sure your playground supports it. Choose equipment that fits aesthetically with its natural surroundings and consider installations that can help local children learn about the environment around them.

Keep parents happy too!
It’s not just children that will be spending time at your playground, parents will be too! Meet all their needs when supervising their little ones by making sure they have someone comfortable to sit and a sheltered space to duck under when the heavens open.

If you’re thinking about developing a play space in your local park or planning to refresh your existing playground, download our brochure today. Alternatively, book a consultation with one of our local advisors to find out how you create an outstanding outdoor space in your community. 

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