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Just because they’re little doesn’t mean they can’t get active – advice guide

11 August 2015



With the media full of reports of the impacts of physical inactivity, you could be forgiven for thinking that children have stopped moving altogether. But we’ve been working with schools and nurseries for over 15 years now and we KNOW how much natural energy children have. With some great facilities to and some enthusiastic adults to support them and exemplify active behaviour, there’s no stopping them getting outside in the fresh air to play, learn and have fun.

Even the youngest children can be physically active throughout the day. Evidence shows that if children have positive experiences of physical activity from their earliest years, they are likely to continue to be physically active throughout older childhood and into adult life.

Our expert design team develops outdoor learning and play resources linked specifically to the EYFS and national curriculum. That’s because we know when you’re investing hard-earned funds in improving your outdoor facilities, you want to know that they’ll deliver positive educational outcomes. We work closely with nursery managers and practitioners to help them get the very most from their outside space. No matter what shape and size your nursery or setting, we can help you get moving more. From our consultation-led full-installation Design & Build service to Playforce Shop, our range of self-assembly loose resources, there’s a solution for everyone.

Here are just a few of our fantastic resources designed specifically to support physical literacy for the youngest members at your nursery:

Find your feet: from new walkers to older children, our award-winning EYFS Scrambler Sets support physical development, balance skills and confidence, with adaptable pieces to increase the level of challenge as required. Small set just £269 excl. VAT and Large set just £649 excl. VAT.

Safe wheels for little legs: our range of high-quality EYFS wheeled resources develop balance and motor skills, spatial awareness and confidence, from our safety scooters and scooters to our trikes and bikes. Prices start at just £80 excl. VAT.

Rise to the challenge: our timber mini towers support confidence-building, team work and physical development, all designed to provide elements of challenge like climbing, scrambling, reaching and crawling for even the youngest children. Our Basic Nursery Tower starts at £850 excl. VAT.

You’ll also love our Freestanding Balance Beam Trails for developing balance skills, Freestanding Target Wall for developing throwing and kicking skills, and Jump and Leap (mini Parkour) Set.

For advice on exciting and engaging new ways to introduce more physical activity into your setting, check out our full Early Years Physical Development installed range and book a meeting with our expert consultants by calling 01225 792660. Alternatively shop our Playforce Shop Physical Literacy range here.

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