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How do we use maths at Playforce?

09 February 2016

Teaching maths outside

We’ve been shouting about maths recently and talking about how important it is to encourage fun and interactive numeracy at school. Maths is essential for critical life skills that can help children pursue the jobs of their dreams.


At Playforce we’ve been thinking about how maths has influenced our lives and careers. We’ve been talking to the team about their favourite maths moments and how numbers play an important part in their daily lives.


Chris Straw - Product Designer

Maths influences so many aspects of my daily jobs at Playforce. I use addition and subtraction when figuring out components in bills of materials, division and multiplication when working out heights and lengths of products or areas and perimeters for surfacing. I need my trigonometry skills when calculation the angle and lengths of components and then symmetry, rotation and reflections for modelling them.”



Chris Brady - National Field Sales Manager

At school I especially liked anything to do with angles and formulas for working out areas.  Now being an avid trundle wheel user in my day job I wish I had done more practical maths outside.  This would have really helped me in the real world of adult life!”





Hannah Brinkley - Customer Account Manager

“All day I have to calculate quotes for customers and work out the correct quantities of products needed.  Our bags of sand come in 25kg bags but I have to be able to convert this to metres squared at different depths to give the correct quantity needed.”


Here at Playforce we’re proud of the fact that we have one of the best, expert teams in the sector.  Not only do we have a passion for play but we also love taking learning outside.  But we’ve been doing the sums and sometimes making maths fun just doesn’t add up. That’s why we’ve created a range of school playground equipment that improves children’s enthusiasm and understanding of mathematics and numeracy. Our new Mathematics and Problem Solving Range will help children get to grips with everything from geometry to fractions whilst taking part in outdoor, physical activity.


Read more here about why you should engage children with maths, as well as see our suggestions for maths resources and outdoor maths learning. We’ve even created a Pinterest board, full of ideas for taking maths outside.


Get in touch with our team to book a consultation for your play space and find out how our new maths range can benefit your children.


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