Getting buggy with it – science & nature

25 June 2015

Do you like things that creep and crawl, glide and slide, wiggle and wriggle, buzz, flap and hover? You do? Hey we do too – so we’re really enjoying celebrating insects!

Discovering bugs can be one of children’s earliest and most memorable experiences of nature. It provides wide-ranging learning value from developing observation, investigation, counting, grouping and sequencing skills to supporting environmental citizenship and respect for the natural world.

So why not celebrate National Insect Week by becoming a nature detective at school? You’ll be amazed just how many minibeasts live in and around your school grounds. Did you know there are over 24,000 different species of insects in the UK? We wonder how many you’ll find. You could build insect-themed activities into your curriculum learning activities this week too, for instance:

English: read or write poems and stories about bugs
Maths: count the types of bugs or the legs on different types of bug that you find on your bug hunt
Science: explore different minibeast habitats or find out about the lifecycle of different insects
Geography: find out where in the world different kinds of insects live
Art: draw or paint insects or create collages or models from recycled materials
PE: move like minibeasts or use small groups or even the whole class to create the shape and movements of a giant insect
Music: learn a song or rap about insects

And if you need more inspiration, there are some fantastic National Insect Week learning resources to download here.

Because we love all things creepy and crawly we’ve got some great discounts on our bug-themed outdoor learning resources. Our Mini Beast Habitat has 25% off in June at £224.75 exc. VAT (remember bugs can take up to 12 months to settle in). There’s also 20% off our Wildlife Butterflies and Safe Bees Pack and Wildlife Beneficial Insect Pack at £319.20 exc. VAT. Our child-safe Water World Discovery Pond (£915 exc VAT) is a great, durable and safe outdoor resource for observing pond life with built-in chalk board surface for drawing and recording.

You can explore our full range of Garden and Grow resources for outdoor learning and nature play here.

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