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20 products for £20k: Scheme 4: An amazing active trail!

28 March 2018


If you’ve missed our EYFS, KS1 free flow and KS2 schemes, then take a look. There are loads of ideas for your playground, as well as wonderful, complete schemes of 20 products costing only £20k.

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The last scheme that we’ve put together is an amazing active trail.



Our final scheme is all about getting as many children active, in play, outdoors as possible. But we understand that you might have restrictions on space and resources. That’s why we’ve included a variety of low trail items, such as our Balance Beam, in an interesting layout. And we’ve combined them with a Solar Powered Stop Clock, to introduce both a competitive element and the opportunity to use the times recorded for Maths or Science. Finally, we haven’t forgotten the practicalities, within the budget. We’ve included a Bonded Rubber Mulch surface for a natural looking, but hard wearing surface - ensuring the trail is accessible year-round, without everyone getting too muddy!


All twenty products:

Wobble Walkway
Dual Sloping Balance Beam
Duck & Jump Station

Free Forest Climbers - Set of 6 Posts

Balance Beam 0.36mH
Balance Beam 0.36mH
Balance Beam 0.36mH
Stepping Tree 1
Stepping Tree 2
Stepping Tree 3

Rubber Step Posts (Set of 6)
Zig Zag Balance Beam
Stretch Posts - Plus (Set of 4)
Web Traverse - Plus (Inc Rubber Step Posts)
Net Climber
Net Tunnel
Trio Climbing Wall Traverse
Balance Weaver
Solar Powered Stop Clock (Post Mounted)
Bonded Rubber Mulch




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