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Youth Sport Trust warns young people at risk of becoming ‘hostages to handheld devices’

Education news, Headlines, Playforce news | June 2015

Youth Sport Trust is warning that young people are increasingly being put at risk of becoming ‘hostages to handheld devices’. With technology and handheld devices at the forefront of many young people’s lives and the lack of physical activity within PE lessons, there are growing concerns that young people will become physically and socially disengaged, […]... Read more.

More ideas for minibeasts!

Education news, Playforce news | June 2015

We’re thinking about nature a lot this week. Children are spending more and more time indoors. As a result, we’re losing our connection with the natural world. This has all kinds of negative implications with some children not able to identify farm animals or understand where the food they eat comes from. Lots of schools […]... Read more.

Getting buggy with it – science & nature

Education news, Playforce news | June 2015

Do you like things that creep and crawl, glide and slide, wiggle and wriggle, buzz, flap and hover? You do? Hey we do too – so we’re really enjoying celebrating insects! Discovering bugs can be one of children’s earliest and most memorable experiences of nature. It provides wide-ranging learning value from developing observation, investigation, counting, […]... Read more.

A review of play impact – collecting data that inspires schools to do better

Education news, Headlines, Playforce news | June 2015

Making the decision to update or improve your playground is relatively easy but raising the finance for this kind of project can be challenging. Whether you’re making a capital expenditure purchase from your school budget, raising funds via your hard-working PTA or applying for a grant, enhancing your outdoor space can involve a significant investment. […]... Read more.