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Schools getting active

Education news, Headlines, Playforce news | March 2015

It’s everywhere isn’t it – evidence that children are leading increasingly sedentary lives. We just can’t avoid the fact that we and our children are getting less and less physically active. Well we’re a pretty active bunch here at Playforce and we don’t like to sit still unless we absolutely have to. Between us, we […]... Read more.

Playground investment drives physical activity uplift

Education news, Headlines, Playforce news | March 2015

PRESS RELEASE For immediate publication: 18 March 2015 Investment in school playgrounds increases children’s physical activity and improves behaviour, suggest early findings from a new study. Nearly half (48 per cent) of schools taking part to date in a national research project by leading school playground company, Playforce, said improving their outdoor facilities has significantly […]... Read more.

Playground investment increases physical activity

Education news, Headlines, Playforce news | March 2015

Ever wondered what difference improving your school’s outdoor spaces and facilities might make? We asked schools we’ve worked with in recent years what impact their investment in playground equipment has had. Here’s what they said: • A significant increase in children’s physical activity levels, physical literacy and competence, behaviour and positive attitudes to learning; • […]... Read more.